Making a small change will make all the difference

Whether we like it or not, what we choose to eat has an impact on the environment. But if we all did our bit and made small changes to our diet we’d actually be able to make a difference.

It’s simple, introducing a plant-based diet is the most impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint. We’re not saying pick a label or give up meat if you enjoy it. We’re saying be open to doing your bit and trying new things - even if it’s just going meat-free for two meals every week.

It's not just what we eat, it's the waste that we incur when we don't plan our meals properly and make countless unplanned trips to the supermarket. The great news is that you can keep the products we supply frozen, so you're free to plan and enjoy your meals whenever you like. 

We want to make life easier for you

Everyone has good intentions, but when time is limited and life gets in the way, the things on our ‘to-do’ list aren’t the priority. We’ve had this our problem ourselves, so we wanted to find a realistic long-term solution when it came to food. We want to make it easier to make good choices, eat well and budget what you’re spending on food.

Even established plant-based food lovers can feel overwhelmed with the choice out there - we certainly did! That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time trying and testing things. 

Save time, shop to a budget and still enjoy home-cooked dishes

After going in search of plant-based alternatives that were actually tasty and nutritionally balanced - we’ve worked out a way to get them to you all whilst saving you time and money.

We buy products in larger quantities which means we can pass our savings on to you. You’ll be able to cut the number of trips you make to the supermarket because we deliver the products straight to your door. It’s a win, win. 

The great news is that you can pop most of our alternatives straight into your favourite home-cooked dishes or maybe experiment with some new ones.  

Be part of a bigger change

We're not just selling food or a service, our aim is to educate people.

So, what's our goal?

We want to bring 1 million plant-based meals to British tables. 


Want a box but not sure which one to go for? The beginners variety box is a good option to start with. You'll get to try some of our most popular items.