Are you an extremist?

(No not that type, I hope…)

Maybe you are, maybe you’re not, maybe you don’t even know. Ask yourself, have you ever…

  1. Toyed with the idea of getting an online blood test to see what you should be eating?
  2. Bought a weight loss tea ahead of a night out?
  3. Decided to eat vegan, then Atkins the next week to lose weight before you go on holiday?
  4. Done ‘Sober October’ and then drank 20 pints on 01stNov?

If any of these resonate, don’t stop reading just yet…

Everyone wants a quick fix

I say this from experience. Or, my experience.

There is a local café I pass daily, numerous times a day actually. Today something triggered in my mind when I saw their sign for juice cleanse diets, you know the ones, the good ones that;

  • enhance your beauty
  • help you lose weight
  • alkalise your body
  • get you a Tinder date
  • and do your washing for you

Nah I don’t chew food. I just juice.

Their ‘flag ship’ 5-day cleanse retails at £120 of your hard-earned cash - practically giving it away, I’ll have two please! If that’s not enticing enough, there’s more…for those 5 days they tell you not to eat food. Just a casual five-day fast.

Not eating helps you lose weight – no way! Who knew?

Do you know how much £120 could buy in Pound Land? In their defence, I suppose they do give you ‘alkaline water’ and shots of lemon and ginger (our fave!)

If there was any scientific proof these things worked, we wouldn’t have so many of the population struggling with their weight. The NHS would be giving out slices of lemons to chase their pills down with and they would make you brush your teeth with alkaline water.

Harley Street would be out of business if I stood outside and sold charcoal lemonade for a quid to make people more beautiful.

The worst thing is there is a really nice local veg shop opposite. Imagine how much fruit and veg you could buy with £120… and that you get to chew!

Whether they’re not feeling in the best shape, had a heavy weekend or lost in all the confusion of how to live a ‘healthy life’. It’s just an outrageous way to take extortion amounts of money from unsuspecting people. People who may not be all too confident in the way they look or feel, right in that moment.

You can’t really blame someone for buying into this. They’re sold a dream and trusting the people they see as ‘in the know’. But where does it stop? People need educating.

But before my blood boils hotter than the coffee I’ve just burnt my mouth on, I’ll stop ranting.

To be fair to, they do really good food. (They should stick to what they know – that’s all I’m saying!)

Vegan. Keto. Just do what makes you happy.

Now before you read into this, I am in no way comparing Veganism or Ketogenic diets or any other way of chewing food to juice cleanses.

For those that aren’t familiar, the ketogenic (keto) diet is a high fat/low carb way of eating. Eventually putting your body into a state of ketosis (note: this does not work when following Mon-Fri and eating an entire pack of bread at the weekend).

Vegan, they just love plants! (Relax, as do we…).

But the point is, two very different ways of eating:

  • Medical reasons, sure, for a very small percentage.
  • To manage weight, again for some. Cutting out major food groups will do that for you.
  • Ethical choices, absolutely and we salute you.
  • Taste choices, 100%, eat what you like.

Some people are just happier removing a food group or certain type of food from their diet. Whether it helps them maintain a happy body composition or it’s a spiritual thing. It’s cool. But for most of us it does not need to be that extreme.

We have no problems with keto, vegan, low fat, mars bar or any other way of eating, our problem is when people preach that their diet is a single, superior solution for everyone.

Meat, carbs, diary, sugar or anything you need to chew. All can be enjoyed by the majority in our eyes. Neither is right nor wrong. We at PMF HQ believe do what makes you happy and all that.

Find something that works for you. Find that happy, healthy place for not just your body but your mind. Something you can sustain. If you can keep an eye on how and what you choose to eat, as well as the economic and environmental impact, then planet will thank you for it.

Easy, right?

I’m a flexi-plant-based-food-chewer

There are some amazing products on the market right now. Whether they taste like meat, feel like meat or look like it. And it’s cool. Did we mention we sell plant-based meat products?

In a sense it’s another extreme, an extreme as to what you can do with something that grows from the ground. It’s pretty impressive really.

One thing’s for sure, if it gets you wondering… vegetables can look and taste like meat. Whether you eat a plant-based meat product just to see what they hype is. Whether you want to eat a little less meat while still getting ‘your fix’. Or you haven’t eaten meat for years and fancy dipping your toe back in.

Vegetables are great. Everyone should eat more of them, in any form. You can do a lot with them and they carry some of the best health benefits.

We don’t care about labels, we just care about people eating more veg!